In Mourning

First off I would like to say thank you to every veteran and all those who have sacrificed your life for me today....I am forever grateful.

My tears today and mourning is for a completely different reason. ❤️ 

Not enough years ago, Bill and I decided to become mommy and daddy to a Doberman named Reba, thanks to my sister.  I have to say, we were a bit apprehensive because we didn't really know her and her life with my sisters ex husband was not wonderful.  Reason for us taking her, my sister didn't want him to get her thru the divorce.

We had planned on having her ride in the back of my pick up truck.  (The truck did have a cap).  We even went so far to purchase a dog run for her....we had 4 other dogs and didn't know what effect Reba would have as the new dog in town.

Much to our surprise, Reba got right into the truck and sat between us the whole time from Long Island to the SE corner of Pennsylvania.  What a joy she was.  Even when we brought her into the house, all of our dogs accepted her.  There was a bit of a scuffle with our cocker spaniel Sandy......but nothing to write home about.  Life went on which brings me to today....this moment.

Reba has been dealing with with DM (degenerative myolpathy) or wobblers.  She has been slowly losing the use of her legs, bladder and bowels.  We bought her a help me up harness that helped wonderfully and eventually bought a wheelchair for her.  She used the chair a few times but was unable to hold her weight plus pull the wheelchair.

I did have such high was just not meant to be.  Today I sit here by her unable to catch my breath or stop the tears.  She has had enough.  Unable to get up, and not able to walk.  We have loved....and I mean Loved ever single minute of her life.  I have never had to make a decision like this ever before in my life and it is killing me, but I know I am doing her a disservice......she deserves better and I am going to give that to her.

An Angel 😇 will get her wings today.......and I am praying that my mom will be there to meet her.

God how I love her...and will miss her more than you will ever know.  Love you free sweet girl and catch a squirrel for me. ❤️ 

Jane Proffitt

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  1. Oh Jane so heartbreaking. A similar thing happened to one of our Dobermans that we had years ago so I can, in some slight way, feel your pain. Dobeys are such gorgeous gentle giants despite their somewhat fearsome reputation. :) Hugs to you! xxx