Design Teams Past & Present


My first post as a Designer for  the Classic Design Team Feb. 15, 2017.

Began in June 2016 as a Guest Designer that ended the month with becoming a member of the Design Team to date.

I began as a Guest Designer for the month of Sept. 2016.  Once Oct. rolled around I was asked to be the Guest Designer until the end of Dec. 2016 and joined the Design Team Jan. 2017 to date.

Become a member of the Design Team June 2016 to date.

Membership on the Design Team started June 2016 to date.

I began at Lacy Sunshines Digital Stamps in Jan. 2016, reached my 1 year anniversary and still color for Heather Valentin.

My first post as a new Design Team member was Jan. 7, 

I  started on the Broken Fairy Design Team April 30, 2016.  Due to the owner and artist of the company having a tragedy in the family the company closed.

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