Do You Know I Love Vultures! know now! ❤️. I am a Long Island, New York girl.  In 2007, I moved to PA. To my husbands family farm.  I didn't work, so one day when I was watching out the window, I saw these amazingly large birds sunbathing in the field.  Goodness they were huge....their wingspread was at least 6 feet!  No lie.  They were beautiful.  That was the day I fell in love.  
Well yesterday Heather Valentin from Lacy Sunshine sent me this beautiful vulture to color from her Tangled Gems collection For me to color up.

This beauty was colored with SN markers.  Too many to list.  Lol. Really, I used 45 different markers.
He is on a sparkle sheet background waiting to be framed!

Hugs, Jane

Jane Proffitt

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