Cami Chamomile Flower Pot Pretties!

Good Morning!  Jane here with Cami today.

Unfortunately, I do not have a step by step tutorial for you today.  I just get myself so wrapped up in coloring lately that I keep forgetting to take my step by step photos.  Me bad!😀
So I am going to introduce you to Lacy Sunshine's Classes.  There are so many to choose from for beginners and for those of you that have a knowledge in art and coloring.  There is no need to follow in the footsteps of Heather, you can work at your own pace.  The idea is to develope your own style while learning new techniques and practicing with your own colors.  For this picture I used green for the hair, something different for me and yes I need practice, but it is all about having fun.  Be an individual, step outside the box, don't be afraid because there is no right or wrong.  So if you have been thinking about taking a class now is the time click Here and let your new adventure begin. 
Here are the colors used for Cami. Hope to see you in the classroom!

Jane Proffitt

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