Susie Boo Beach Girl

Spring has sprung and winter just will not give us a break here in PA.  Today is my day to post and I have chosen Susie Boo Beach Girl because she brought back such wonderful memories of when I was a young girl spending my time at the beach. You can find her in Lacy Sunshines Stamps website Here.

I do not have a finished project for you today, I have a step by step on how I color hair.  It has been a week long project of mine to practice coloring hair.  I have found that if I work section by section it is less intimidating for me.
As you can see from the picture half her hair is finished, working on the other half I look to see which hair is sitting in front and what is sitting behind....with that said I evaluate and take my darkest marker to add shadow lines to create depth as you can see in the next photo.
With these cast shadows the hair is now broken up into individual sections.  Taking the same color E18 I begin to flick in the shadow areas using the drawn shadow lines as a guide.
From this picture you can see that the hair is beginning to have some depth.  Grabbing my next lighter color E15 I add more flicks extending the E18 flicks and head towards the center of each section still leaving a gap.
Now we can start adding our highlights.  I am using my YR23 and extending the flicks a bit further, again leaving a bit of space.
To finish her hair up I added Y21, my lightest color for the highlights.  After adding this color I went back with my darkest color because sometimes it gets desaturated with the lighter colored markers.

Here is her hair all finished.  I think I will head back in to my craft room to finish her up so she can enjoy her time at the beach!  Happy coloring, see you next time!  Hugs, Jane

Jane Proffitt

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